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University of Alberta
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CAM Team

Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc
Director and Founder

I have been a marketing professor at the University of Alberta for the past 20 years. Most of my research interests have been in the area of consumer shopping behaviour and consumer bidding behaviour in auctions.

In September 2002, I started CampusAuctionMarket.com, for academic purposes to collect data on bidding behaviour in auctions. Currently I am conducting research on theoretical and empirical issues related to auctions, such as the effectiveness of reserve prices and buy now prices in auctions; different bidding strategies used by bidders; product bundling in auctions, different auction format (including formats like All-pay auctions we have experimented with several times); and how various factors apply in charity auctions.

Ernan E. Haruvy

Professor of Marketing, University of Texas at Dallas.

I have been involved with CampusAuctionMarket since 2008, mostly as a research collaborator on various auction and charity related projects. My main ares of research involve auctions, B2B auctions, charity, Bargaining and negotiations, social media, search engine optimization, branding, advertising and media-mix optimization.

Leo T. Wong
Associate Director

I graduated from the University of Alberta with a PhD in Marketing, with a focus on improving the way business is taught and researched in an increasingly socially-responsible world. My research interests are in corporate social responsbility, cause-related marketing and social marketing as it relates to consumer behaviour. I have been involved with CampusAuctionMarket since 2005, helping run and administer a number of charity auctions. I am also involved in a number of social ventures related to youth development, volunteerism and sustainability.

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