University of Alberta, Dept. of Marketing Protecting Yourself
University of Alberta, Dept. of Marketing

Protecting Yourself on University of Alberta, Dept. of Marketing

Using online services definitely has its advantages yet there is always a chance of fraudulent activity. Be sure to read over this page in order to protect yourself.


Feedback is the number one way to establish trust between a seller and buyer. Before bidding on an item, it is helpful to read the feedback other users have left. For more information regarding feedback, please consult the Buyers Guide.


Unlike ebay, University of Alberta, Dept. of Marketing is a local site and users should be made weary of users not from the Edmonton region. University of Alberta, Dept. of Marketing does allow members from outside the Edmonton region but may revoke membership at any time. When completing transactions, it is always at your own risk. However, completing a transaction in person in a public place is the safest way. In person, buyers are able to receive and inspect the item immediately and sellers are able to take payment immediately. Thus, there is almost no chance of being scammed. It is also important to meet in a public place to avoid any personal danger.

Completing transactions by mail is also an option. However, discretion is strongly advised.


In the past there have been sellers who would post items and sell them at prices well below cost. These sellers would ask you to send them a money order before shipping the item you have won. Do so at your own risk. Use common sense. If a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Less caution is needed when making the exchange in person. Be sure to inspect the item at the time of exchange.

For more information about this, go to: Cashier Check Scam.

We would like to thank our members who continue to alert us of any suspicious activities. We would particularly like to thank flynnfx and madjumper007 for being our eyes and ears. If you see any suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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